How Our Subscriber System Works

We are Realtors, probably a lot like you. We all want to help our Prospects with as much information as possible, so they can make an informed decision when Purchasing property. What we do is help you to provide some of that information in a user friendly, entertaining way. Our Videos, Narration and any accompaning text always stress the benefits of using a Realtor to the Viewer, hopefully that Realtor will be you. The Videos are presented to the Customer with a 'Wrapper' of your information, your picture, your phone number, your Company and if you are subscribed to an IDX or VOW service, a link that will enable them to see available listings for the Tour they're watching with a simple View Listings button, next to the Video screen. We call this our 'Hyper-Marketing-Link', and if you don't have that capability currently, we can help you get it.

We are using State of the Art, Software and equipment, so the product being presented is current and will be updated as needed to remain that way. Since you are just supplying the Customer with a link, the videos will always run smoothly, from our Servers. Your Customer can choose from 3 different Video Resolutions, so that any connection from a Turbo dial-up to a 1.5mb T1 line can view the videos, up to True HD 16/9 resolution.

Our process is very simple:
1. Look at the Video previews for your Area
2. If you want to add them to your site, determine how many you want.
3. Subscribe on the Sign Up Page.
4. After your Payment is posted to our Account, we will send you a link by e-mail for you to register. By following the link you will be able to enter information about yourself, your company, upload a picture or even upload html code for your Video Tour Header Page.
5. Once we have confirmed that all is ok, we will supply you with the Links required for showing the videos on your site. If you don't have a site yet...see below.
6. PayPal will then begin charging you based on your Subscription.

If you don't already have a site we can help. We have very low cost sites available, that give you unlimited email accounts, free Blog software and ability to add as many pages as you like for $99.00 setup and $19.95 per month in addition to your video subscription. If you have a developer or webmaster who takes care of your site, we will be happy to work with them to get you up and running. You can join a growing list of Sucessful Agents who are providing the public with the information they need to make the smart choice about where and what to buy. We all know that in this Internet age, the more helpful information you provide, the more likely that you will make the sale.